Norway’s Prime Minister will be one of the keynote speakers 

Foto: Thomas Haugersveen/Statsministerens kontor

Lifelong learning is on the political agenda nationally and internationally, and lifelong learning plays a vital role for the competitiveness of the individual and society. As one of the keynote speakers at the summit, where the education and work sector will meet to create strong solutions for lifelong learning in the future, Prime Minister Erna Solberg will emphasis learning throughout life.

– Continuous education is important in a time of major changes in the way we work. Many people will have changed jobs and even careers as a result of digitalisation in society. Both in order to keep the competitive edge and to prevent anyone from being excluded from work life, it is important to succeed in lifelong learning” says Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

With the growth of digitalisation and the ever-changing workplace, education and training are important to stay relevant in any industry. The digital age requires a shift to continuous learning, and lifelong learning is necessary for the employer, employee and society as a whole.

Other speakers at the conference include Iarla Flynn from Google, who will talk about how new technology – as machine learning robotics and virtual reality – are reshaping how we work and live, and the need for a major reskilling effort. Asha Kanwar, Commonwealth of Learning, is addressing lifelong learning and strategies for quality education worldwide, in the light of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Bo Dahlbom, University of Gothenburg, has an optimistic view of the future work life and the importance of digitalisation, but will also focus on the many challenges that we are facing.

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