Bo Dahlbom

Bo Dahlbom is a professor of information systems at the University of Gothenburg and research director at Sustainable Innovation. He is a Fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences. In his opening keynote, he will address “The future of Work and Lifelong Learning”. More rapid evolution and diffusion of technology will increase the need for lifelong learning. Digital technology, robots, artificial intelligence will change job tasks and the competence needed to perform them. The digital revolution will take us from factories to platforms, from well-defined, closed organizations to open networking. After having spent a century learning from the automotive industry (Ford and Toyota), the digital giants will now become role models for how to organize work. Digital platforms will provide new work tasks and all competence will include digital competence. With digital platforms learning will become like music, a dimension of everyday life and work.

Bo Dahlbom has contributed to the development of the discipline information systems in Scandinavia, to the Nordic cooperation as the initiator of the IRIS Association, as editor of the Scandinavian journal, as conference organizer, and as the initiator of large Nordic collaborative research projects. He has been part of the national steering groups for research funding in Sweden (SITI, the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research) and in Norway (Norwegian Research Council).

He became associate professor in theoretical philosophy in 1983, full professor of information systems in 1994. He built up the department of information systems at the School of Law and Economics in Gothenburg, was one of the founders of the IT research institute Viktoria and its first managing director. He was one of the initiators of the IT University of Gothenburg, where he is a professor since 2002. He has supervised 30 PhD students to doctorates. He was managing director of the Swedish Institute for IT Research from 2000 to 2004, research director at the Interactive Institute from 2004 to 2008. He was one of the founders of Sustainable Innovation (2008), a national center for energy efficiency in Stockholm, and he is its research director.

Bo Dahlbom has been active in the IT industry as chair of the IT association council for Mobile Services (2000-2007), as an adviser on IT policy to the Swedish government in the years 2000-2014, as an expert in future studies, as a board member and adviser to IT companies.

Among his books are Computers in Context (1993), Dennett and his Critics (1993), Planet Internet (2000), “Changing Energy Behaviour: Guidelines for Behavioural Change Programmes.” Intelligent Energy Europe Programme Report (2009) and, in Swedish, Sveriges framtid (2007) and Aktivera ditt varumärke (2010).

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