Diana Laurillard

Diana Laurillard is Professor of Learning with Digital Technologies at the London Knowledge Lab, UCL Institute of Education. Her research includes large-scale online communities of teacher-designers, and the use of specialised digital course design tools to enable teachers to create and share new pedagogies for using learning technology. She is currently running two MOOCs on teacher development in digital course design.

Laurillard’s presentation will look at what it takes to learn, in terms of the Conversational Framework, as a way of deriving what it takes to teach. These fundamentals of learning have not changed, so far, as the paper will argue. What changes is what it takes to teach, and how the means by which we support learning is changing significantly as we understand more about learning and teaching through digital methods. And there is much to learn. So the presentation also illustrates how we can use these same technologies to orchestrate collaborative learning among teachers, to build new knowledge about what it takes to teach in a digital world.

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