Iarla Flynn

Iarla Flynn is the Director of Public Policy and Government Affairs for Google in Northern Europe. Prior to joining Google in 2007 he spent 12 years in senior government and industry roles including in Ireland’s telecommunications sector, where he was a leading advocate for the benefits of competition and digitisation. Flynn holds a master’s degree in economics from Trinity College Dublin.

Iarla Flynn will talk about how new tech – machine learning, robotics and virtual reality – are re-shaping how we work and live. What will the future world of work look like? The good news is that it is likely to hold more jobs that are both safer and more interesting. But for everyone to benefit, a major reskilling effort is needed. Norway, together with the other Nordic and Benelux countries are well placed as ‘Digital Frontrunners’ to take the lead on solving the skills challenge. Iarla will also talk about how Google is playing a part in this by investing in digital training tools for all.

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