Panel: Reimagining lifelong learning for lifelong employability

Imagine someone pushed the «erase education memory» button. No education system would be available on the planet and the memory of any kind of school or training institution would be erased. In 2019 where working life is in change all over the globe and we don’t know the future skills demands, but where the global challenges of climate change, migration, poverty and demographic changes are present, invited experts are challenged to build the world’s first education system for lifelong learning (cradle to grave). What would it look like?

Chair: Joel Cohen (Academy of Ideas)

Panel: Carolyn Medel-Anonuevo (UNESCO Regional Office for Southern Africa), Teemu Leinonen (Aalto University), Kimberley Lein-Mathiesen (Microsoft Norway) and Amel Karboul, (Education Outcomes Fund)

In partnership with Skills Norway.

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