Panel: Reimagining lifelong learning for lifelong employability

Forget what you know. In the 21st century working life is in change all over the globe and we don’t know the future skills demands. What would it look like to start from scratch building the world’s first cradle to grave education system to prepare us for a lifetime? Different experts are invited to embark on this thought experiment together. Their challenge: to re-imagine how adults and children should continue to train for new jobs supported by new technology and new lines of global communication. What impact could it have on our whole lives?

Chair: Joel Cohen (Academy of Ideas)

Panel: Carolyn Medel-Anonuevo (UNESCO Regional Office for Southern Africa), Hróbjartur Árnason (University of Iceland), Kimberley Lein-Mathiesen (Microsoft Norway), Dennis Hayes, University of Derby, UK and June Mariann Breivik, Arts for Young Audiences Norway (Kulturtanken)

In partnership with Skills Norway.

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