Dear participants
Welcome to the ICDE Lillehammer Lifelong Learning Summit. We are honored that you have found your way to the winter city of Lillehammer, which is at its most picturesque in February. The vision for our conference is Lifelong learning for lifelong employability. It reflects the need for continuous adaption and acquiring of new skills and competencies as decisive factors for developing an inclusive and sustainable working life for us as individuals, us as a society and globally as a community. Lifelong learning is an important theme for our communities and its citizens. Lifelong learning contributes to increasing the competencies of society and thus also its competitiveness. In addition, it helps towards reducing exclusion and isolation of individuals by updating outdated competencies.

The consequences of the digitalisation wave have now started to peek, resulting in constant demands for knowledge and new modes of working. At the same time, digitalisation offers opportunities through new ways of offering education and skills development. We hope that this conference will establish a unique, international meeting place where both the education, business and the public sector will come together to share experiences and work in collaboration to create future solutions for lifelong learning for lifelong employability, embodied in a Lillehammer lifelong learning roadmap. Together, we can all contribute towards the UN Sustainable Development Goal 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.

Together with knowledgeable and engaged colleagues from our partners and from our own university, we managed to invite exciting speakers from around the world to come to Lillehammer to share their knowledge and experiences from relevant fields. You will meet professionals and researchers in lifelong learning and ICT in education and representatives from industries and employers’ organisations, politicians and international organisations.We would like to thank all who have contributed with their valuable work for this conference so far, all the speakers, who have without hesitation accepted our invitation, and to more than 100 contributors for the break-out sessions. Last but not least, thanks to you as a participant for coming to our conference and making it happen.

Jens Uwe Korten
Chair Programme Committee
Mette Villand
Chair Organising Committee
Brit Svoen
Programme Coordinator

Programme and organising commitees

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