NEON 2018 in English

The title of NEON conference 2018 is Innovation in organizationschallenges and potentials, organized by The Inland Business School, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. The venue is Lillehammer, a place of study that recently merged into The Inland College. This is one of the largest academic environment within organization and management in the country. The NEON conference 2018 will be the first major joint collaborative venture for the recently established faculty.   

The Inland Business School, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences is responsible for the PhD-program: Innovation in the Provision of Services in the Public and Private Sector (INTOP). This academic environment has the responsibility for carrying out the pre-conference PhD-day.

The organizer of NEON 2018 will implement the conference in line with the traditions of NEON. In the program there is a relatively established pattern of keynote lectures, discussions, and theme groups, work groups within specialized subject fields and topics, PhD-school and social events. Participants with accepted papers will as previously be entitled to a discussant on the tracks of conference. Moreover, the organizer will arrange in 2018 roundtable discussions on current topics, ad hoc arrangements, academic Skavlan and smashing keynote speakers: Mary Uhl-Bien, Christopher Hood, Stewart Clegg and Benedicte Brøgger.

The organizer of NEON 2018 invites researchers and practitioners to reflect from different perspectives on the relationships of innovation, organizing, and organizations. Observe call for papers in the menu to the left.


The interest for innovation has spread rapidly the last ten-fifth-teen years. The concept of innovation has demonstrated to be flexible and applicable on more and more areas. While many researchers previously associated innovation with technological innovations that succeeded in the market, there is today equally natural to talk about service innovation, social innovation, business models innovation, and innovation in the public sector. Innovation shall not any longer create economic growth, however, also solve major national and global challenges. In general, the innovation policy is well institutionalized, and in particular not the least the commitment to innovation suggested by the EU policy of research and innovation.

This year, the organizer will invite to the conference on reflection and dialogue on relationships of innovation and organizational research. What can research on innovation contribute to research on organizations? Moreover, and what is the contribution of research on organizations to the field of innovation? What are the implications of increased focus on innovation in the research policy and organizational studies? What inhibit and further innovation? How can we grasp the role of actors in innovation processes? What is the role of structure and culture – and what is the significance of management? How can we understand implementation and diffusion of innovation in and between organizations? What are the implications and consequences? Is innovation always favourable, and to whom? How do we obtain innovation that is sustainable in democratic and ethical terms?

The organizer got proposals to 23 tracks from able researchers from most research communities in Norway. Observe a separate page for parallel sessions to the left in the menu. Based on these, the organizer invites researchers and practitioners as well to submit proposed papers. Check Call for papers.

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