Public Service Innovation Conference (PUBSIC 2017)

November 15th – 17th 2017, Lillehammer, Norway

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences
Centre of Innovation in Services


Innovation is often articulated as a panacea for addressing social and economic problems in the modern world. However the models of innovation that are posed in this context have often drawn from private sector experience in an undifferentiated way that conflates the manufacturing of products with the delivery of services, and have not taken into account he distinctive characteristics of public rather than private services.

In recent years this has begun to evolve, with an important body of knowledge on public service delivery emerging – for example, there was a special issue of Public Management Review devoted to this topic in 2014, whilst a major research programme of the European Commission on this topic has recently been concluded (LIPSE). Important international conferences sponsored by IRSPM were also held in Shanghai and in Budapest in 2015.

To continue this dialogue and to build upon this evolving body of knowledge we would invite you to participate in the Public Service Innovation Conference (PUBSIC 2017), to be held at Lillehammer Hotel in Lillehammer, Norway, November 15th – 17th 2017. The Conference will be a combination of paper presentations, panels and keynote speakers. Keynote speakers are Sandford Borins from University of Toronto and Stephen Osborne from University of Edinburgh/ Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences.

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