Abstracts & Papers

The International Advisory Board invites abstract submissions across the following themes, in the form of a 450 word abstract:

  • Public innovation and ICT/digital technology (including the use of Big Data)
  • Collaboration and open innovation
  • Co-production, the co-creation of value, and public and social innovation
  • Co-design and the role of citizens/service users in public and social innovation
  • The third and non-profit sector and social and public innovation
  • Social enterprise, social entrepreneurship, and social and public innovation
  • Managing and evaluating public and social innovation
  • Political dimensions of innovation
  • Innovation in public policy and in public policy processes
  • Public private partnerships and public and social innovation

Abstract proposals should be submitted by 29th of May.  You may also submit a panel proposal within one of the suggested themes. A panel is 3-4 papers, and a proposal should include an overview of the panel topic (3000 characters or approximately 450 words) and a separate abstract for each paper in the panel (450 words each). All abstracts and panels will be reviewed by the International Advisory Board  and decisions notified to authors by June 9th. Papers are welcome from both experienced and new/doctoral students and of both an empirical and theoretical nature.

Submission of abstracts and panels are now closed.

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