German/ Norwegian workshop


Photo: Lillehammer 2016 Youth Olympic Games

“Shaping the Olympic movement”

A workshop for German and Norwegian young leaders/students during the YOG 2016
The aim for this workshop and collaboration is:

– To give personal development for young leaders (18-30) in sports in an international context and related to the Youth Olympic Games.
– To achieve cooperation and cross-cultural learning through a common workshop and social activities.
– That young leaders in sport, from different countries and institutions, will engage in a workshop to give recommendations for the future of the Olympic Movement.
– That the workshop for the young leaders will result in a recommendation to the IOC, which will be presented or given to the IOC.


Time: February 16. – 19.

Place: Lillehammer University College

Participants: 30 Young leaders from the Deutsche Sportjugend (DSJ) and some 30 Norwegian young leaders and students. Participation on invitation only.




The participants will be divided in four groups. In the end of the workshop, the groups will get together and choose five recommendations representing on two different topics. The communiqué will be delivered to the IOC on the final seminar.


Norwegen FlyerSupported by:

Die Norwegisch-Deutsche Willy-Brandt-Stiftung / Den norsk-tyske Willy-Brandt-stiftelsen


In collaboration with:




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