Top Level Performance in Sports, Research and Culture


Photo: Lars Teppan Johansen

Friday, February 19

What can the business community learn from top level performance from the sport-, research- and the culture sector? How can a sport background be useful in worklife? This is some of the questions we will try to answer during this seminar. We have invited a top athlete, sport leader, sport psychology researcher and a representative for high perfomance in research and in culture. In addition to this there will be a handover of a communique to IOC from a group of young leaders from Germany and Norway that have collaborated in a workshop on Olympic values (see The German/Norwegian workshop). This seminar is also target towards the YOG sponsors and regional business leaders. In the extension of the conference there will be a dinner where you can meet the speakers and other participants.


Seminar Chair: Marit Roland Udnæs, Boardmember The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF) and Dean at Faculty of Social Sciences, Lillehammer University College

14.00 Opening by Rector Kathrine Skretting, Lillehammer University College
14.10 Young leaders handover of communiqué to IOC by Angela Ruggiero, Chair of the Coordination Commission for the 2nd Winter Youth Olympic Games in 2016
14.25 Inside the Mind’s Eye of an Expert Athlete. By Professor Paul Ward, Director of The Applied Cognition and Cognitive Engineering, University of Huddersfield, UK
15.05 Experience from top level sports in work career today? By former handball player, Olympic bronze medal winner and world champion, Kjersti Grini
15.20 Break with coffee and fruit
15.50 Top level performance in music – from young talents to world class musicians. By Pro rector Alf Richard Kraggerud and violinist and former student Guro Kleven Hagen, Barrat Due
16.25 How to develop a top level research team? By Professor Stian Ellefsen, Lillehammer University College
16.40 How to develop a top level performance culture in sports? By Tore Øvrebø, Director at the Norwegian Olympic Sports Center (Olympiatoppen)
17.00 End of seminar
17.00 Reception (until 18.00 in the Campus Cafeteria)

Lillehammer University College, Auditorium A


Registration: Follow the link
Registration deadline is February 17.

For information on transportation and parking, see the practical information page.

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